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what is the latest game youre playing

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almost done playing Sonic Mania on PC, just a few more gold medals and achievements to get. (steam)

working on getting the last remaining achievements for Evoland 2 (steam ofc)

Playing Deadly Premonition first time, and I’m really liking it. Has a kind of Twin Peaks vibe to it. (steam)

also starting up 999: VLR on the 3DS finally

Newest Bud

I’m REALLY loving zero escape: VLR
shit like this really gets to me I don’t know why

Newest Bud

I started playing Golden Sun 1 & 2 bc my favorite LPer is doing them. Also playing Breath of Fire 1 SNES because he LPed that a while ago and I feel like playing it again

Newest Bud

I have Golden Sun 1 & 2 carts somewhere, but I said fuck it and bought them on the wii U VC

Newest Bud

From: typhy at 2018-01-24 21:48:00
dont starve was cool but it stresses me out too much

I couldn’t get far in don’t starve. it’s too hard lol

Newest Bud

you normies playing AAA games make me sick I say

Newest Bud

I’m finally playing PPPAPER MARRIO!


god this game fucking owns I can’t believe I was “too cool” for it back in the day. I had a rep to keep up

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anyone here play adventure games? namely Heroine’s Quest?

Newest Bud

I just got Stories: Path of Destinies for free BUT MY FREAKING gaming laptop DIED and no warranty UGH

Newest Bud

acquired a Vita for PSX classics since they didn’t bring them all over to PS4, especially the ones I want the most. Playing Breath of Fire 3 now

Newest Bud

I’m playing Resident Evil 0 on steam. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be

Newest Bud
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