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what is the latest game youre playing

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From: typhy at 2018-02-11 10:08:21
been playing rocket league again

RL is way too much fun

we should have a game sometime!

From: typhy at 2018-02-15 12:57:32

i have it on computer and switch!!

add me and we can play some time then whenever time zones align

I’m not that super good either but I don’t care about winning tbh

Edited by iforgotnmyname at 2018-02-16 08:24:372018-02-16 08:24

I’ve been playing through Hollow Knight for the fourth time (doing an old nail challenge run) - this game is seriously good and excels in every area. I’d recommend to anyone who loves platformers/metroidvanias

Can’t wait for the upcoming free DLC to drop.

I’ve been playing Master of Magic a lot recently, it’s an old DOS game that’s basically a Civilizationt type game but with wizards, so you’re learning and casting spells to buff your units, summon creatures, deal damage and other effects in battle, cast spells on a city to benefit (or curse) it and it’s inhabitants, and bigass overland enchantments that affect every player in the game.

It’s got some insane replayability with all the different builds you can make.

From: applebaps at 2018-05-04 16:54:49
woah, i’m pretty sure i’ve played that

I think it’s on GOG for a few bucks but you can also find it on many abandonware sites, I nabbed it from here (it comes with it’s own DOSbox setup so it’s pretty simple to get running)

From: applebaps at 2018-05-05 17:39:05
i’m having difficulty with taking over lairs, like, at all. i think i need a much larger military to really pull it off

super fun though and i’m digging the soundtrack

yeah clearing lairs/nodes was my biggest struggle with learning the game, it doens’t help that the scout report only gives you a name - is it one pack of war bears or 6? is it 2 ghouls or 8 ghouls with a freaking demon that’s harder than all of them combined? I’d recommend saving and going in anyway to scope out what’s actually in there and reloading after

early on you can probably take lairs containing 2-3 war bears/2-4 skeletons+ghouls/1-2 sprites (not at nature nodes though, they’re buffed and scary there)/1-2 guardian spirits/ x amount of phantom warriors (if you bring some ranged firepower) without too much difficulty - just bring 3-4 units and buff them with whatever you’ve got

From: typhy at 2018-05-07 02:18:44
its about fucking furries

that’s all I need to hear

back into Path of Exile again, new league launched the other day and it’s been pretty sweet so far

currently playing with my thumbs as a fan in my laptop is failing and making horrendous noise and needs to be dealt with

just working up the nerve to pull it all apart in order to get to it, so paranoid about breaking something

Just started another game of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, as EPF5 is coming closer to release.

I love this series - it’s like a love letter to JRPGs that has a far more in depth and satisfying battle system than most actual JRPGs do. There’s a lot of ways you can approach battles and on the hardest difficulty you really have to have a plan or you’re gonna die.

EBF3 is free on steam, and while there’s a paid version fo EBF4 on steam with extra stuff you can still find the free flash version around. Would recommend checking it out to any JRPG fans.

hooked on Dead Cells the past few days now that it’s officially released

it’s a rougelite metroidvania, more or less, with tight as hell combat and a good variety of weapons/power/skills that also interact well with each other - you can pick from a lot of different playstyles/builds to work with

haven’t beaten the final boss yet, bastard is very unforgiving with his attacks bu so far the game has been a blast

jumped back in for another round of Hollow Knight, now that some new content is released. It’s on sale too, if for some reason you don’t already own this wonderful, awesome little game. If you enjoy metroidvanias, like at all, you owe it to yourself to play it.

Picked up Salt and Sanctuary, in short it’s a Dark Souls-ish 2D metroidvania-ish game. It’s been pretty fun, if challenging to begin with, but now I’ve hit my stride and I’m tearing things apart as a Heavy Armour Knight with a bigass Scythe and all is good.

Wish the soundtrack was better tho, it feels quite empty most of the time.

I dunno, some wikis are overrun with ads and shitty owners trying to squeeze as much money out of the content as they can

just picked up Torchlight 2, I had a lot of fun playing Fate ages ago so it’s good to continue on with the same sort of formula only better and refined (I’m loving the Pet shopping list addition)

rolled an Outlander, currently using Shotguns with Rapid Fire as my main skill. I picked Hard mode and it’s been a challenge but not too overwhelming so far.

Been playing Deltarune, Toby Fox’s latest game (demo). If you liked Undertale and somehow haven’t heard of it - go check it out now.

just started on Epic Battle Fantasy 5 which was just released this morning.

so far it’s a big improvement on EBF4 (which was already great and I’ve said as mich earlier in this thread), lots of new status effects and mechanics and things added which I just know is gonna add another whole layer of complexity and strategy which is exactly what I love about this series so damn much. Music so far is great too.

oh, and I’ve also got a spare 20% off steam voucher as well so if there’s any RPG fans who want to give it a shot let me know and I’ll be glad to hook you up =)

yes, but more refined? I dunno, it’s the same cutesy style it’s always been

finally got around to playing Celeste, and I’m glad I did. It’s been really good so far, and I love the first chapter’s tune. Despite it being maddeningly frustrating at times I did enjoy playing Jumper along with LUE back in the day, and An Untitled Story kicks ass so I have high hopes for this game.

Update: So right now I’m stuck on Chapter 7’s B-Side, right at the final stretch. Fuck the devs so god damn much for introducing a new mechanic right there, I cannot for the life of me get the timing right on this dash wall jump thing, and I gotta do it twice in a row perfectly.

I dread the rest of this level and what’s to come in the final post-game chapter, my fingers are killing me >_<

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playing Castlevania:SoTN on my PSP

currently grinding a second Heaven’s sword from the one secret room in the Clock Tower

I don’t need a second really, but I want it. Apparently using two at once is pretty awesome and I’ve never tried it before

edit: fuck it just gamesharked a second one in I have no time for that shit anymore >_>

Edited by iforgotnmyname at 2019-01-28 02:54:522019-01-28 02:54

going through the Spyro trilogy now (I know they just made a remake but it’s not out on steam yet iirc)

I’ve 100%’d 1, and just moved on to 2. Think 2 would be my favourite of them all, can’t even really say why.

still carrying on with the OG Spyro trilogy, just started 3 tonight

what I wish I was playing though is the new Hollow Knight game Team Cherry just dropped a trailer for.

I am SO fucking hyped for that it looks awesome

started Legend of Mana last night - it’s freaking beautiful, some nice spritework and kickass music too

started with Daggers but found a 2HSword that way overshadowed them in terms of damage so now I’m just slaughtering the hell out of everything with that instead

had a peek at a crafting FAQ and holy moly there’s a fuckton of complex mechanics that are literally not explained or alluded by the game at all o_o

jumped back into NetHack, it’s been years since I played but after a few false starts I’ve got back into the swing of it and got a decent run going

Lawful Dwarven Valk currently sitting at the cleared out Sokoban Zoo. So far I have achieved: Excalibur, 5 AC of protection, 3x BoH, Blessed Luck and Touchstones, maxed luck, co-aligned minetown altar, a dozen bottles of holy water and have two max-level Housecats (named Trix and Trax, one of which was my starter even) accompanying me.

So far, so good. Having said that, I’m expecting a YASD any moment now. My worst mistake so far is quaffing a blessed !oGA while wearing a ring of sustain ability. Derp. I expect to be making more idiotic mistakes shortly.

EDIT: aaaand I got murdered by a Wand of Death by some asshole Sargeant in Fort Ludios, fuck. Everything was going so well.

it also sucked because there was an altar + priest on the same level as the portal. I was getting hard thinking about all the AC I’d get from protection money + BUCing all that armour

Edited by iforgotnmyname at 2019-03-17 01:02:082019-03-17 01:02


I’ve beaten it only a handful of times, a Valk or two, a Wizard or two and I think a Samurai? I can’t recall, but it’s not a lot, and every time I either had lots of wishes/good luck/abused polypiling to a massive degree

not to mention I did read literally all the spoilers out there and several guides which helped immensely as well

From: applebaps at 2019-03-20 20:29:39
woah what the heck, that sounds cool

hooray I did it

thanks =), despite being as super-prepared and buffed up as I was there, you can still lose runs at the last moment so it’s always a nerve-wracker


I have achieved gamer greatness

From: Applebaps at 2019-10-07 16:18:19
which one is you

all of them, that’s my local high score list

all roles ascended

yeah I kind of wish I hadn’t spoiled myself so quickly when I first started playing it like 14yrs ago, it really takes out a lot of the challenge when you know all the tricks and it’s just execution of the same kind of strategies every time, but the game still is fun regardless

difficulty wise I had the most trouble getting Tourists up and running, had many frustrating early deaths with them, they simply do not start with anything useful for surviving so a lot of it is luck of the draw with what you find. By about mid-game once you get MR, Reflection and Poison Res you’re about set so most roles tend to converge into the same old thing. Exact kit varies per class but I prefer getting reflection from SDSM, MR from Cloak, leaving amulet free for Life Saving, which leaves hands free for two-weaponing or using a two-hander Quest Artifact for flavour.

one good story that sticks out was my Caveman run, an early poly trap turned my pet into a Baby White Dragon, which I cared for until it grew into an Adult White Dragon, which helped me kill a few pesky shopkeepers and priests and otherwise acted as a tough bodyguard. Eventually I reached Medusa’s level, but had none of the usual convenient means of crossing the water. I did, however, have a ing of conflict, and a galaxy brain moment of genius. I’d use the ring to annoy my pet dragon and goad it into shooting it’s frost breath at me, freezing me a path across the level. It was a bit tedious in reality, but the mental image of this caveman dragging and yanking a bigass dragon by a leash, yelling and taunting while ninja-dodging blasts of frozen breath was too cool to not do.

my Archeologist had some ridic early game luck, which was good because they’re another weak starter. Looted $700 from a vault on dlvl2, got scale armour, cloak of invisibility, a nice shield, speed boots and a silver sabre from a dlvl3 shop, found gauntlets of power on immediately upon entering dlvl4, reach Minetown to find a magic marker, magic lamp, magic whistle, bag of holding and co-aligned altar, go a few floors down find a second magic lamp, wish for Grayswandir, check out a shop I had avoided due to sensing a large mimic, and find a 0:1 wand of wishing which bought me the Orb of Fate, cloak of magic resistance, SDSM. I was kitted out in totally awesome gear and I hadn’t even seen Mines End or Sokoban yet.

and then there was the time I found a +6 Dwarven Cloak in the early levels of the Mines. I never knew armour could be generated that highly enchanted o.o

Edited by iforgotnmyname at 2019-10-10 08:29:552019-10-10 08:29

bouncing between Night In The Woods and Monster Sanctuary, loving both

jumped back into Binding of Isaac for a bit, starting a new save file

starting to remember why I liked and disliked this game, it’s fun as hell but I can feel the anger coming back at losses where I narrowly miss some goal and waste half an hour. I’ve already gone thru the stress of 100%ing this game, don’t need to repeat it all over again.

From: Applebaps at 2020-02-07 16:22:28
man I’m very hype for repentance

I wasn’t aware of this untill I was looking some stuff up last night. Kinda hyped now.

From: Tiko at 2020-02-07 18:24:30
i like isaac but i cant bring myself to grind for 100%

It’s a fucking challenge/grind yeah, I’m starting to remember some of the absolute bullshit this game expects you to do or throws your way. I don’t think I’ve played a game that so clearly hates its players.

Picked up Slay the Spire and gotten semi-addicted.

Up to A15 Ironclad, A4 Silent, A16 Defect and A2 Watcher. Kinda hitting a wall though, it’s been difficult to get runs off the ground, I keep running out of steam mid Act 2.

Gunfire Reborn

Early access roguelite looter-shooter with cute furry characters

Pretty fun so far, I can see some potential here

Look at this adorable mf you play as

Edited by iforgotnmyname at 2020-06-19 05:54:59Jun 19 05:54

also I just unlocked the badass Gunzerker Rasta Dogoo


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