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what is the latest game youre playing

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a friend bought me Noita for my birthday so i’m gonna play that tonight

my present to myself was Code Vein which is fun and chill so far

Cancel Me Elmo

in other non video games news, I’ve been busting my ass for quite a long time now to get stronger at Go, and I’m starting to be able to beat certain weaker AIs pretty consistently. I think I’m at about 15 kyu now, which means I’ve come a long way this year. I started 2019 at probably about 25 kyu.

its taken nearly constant study, working problems in downtime at work, playing on my go app when I get a spare moment, grinding out match experience and being active in my local club. it’s really paying off and it feels great to see the results on the board

I play a lot of games but Go is my real passion. but I’ve played it and been garbage at it for too long. got serious about it this year finally

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Cancel Me Elmo

finished Ciconia the other day
very much enjoyed it

at first i thought it was kind of lame because of the emphasis on battle scenes and weird mecha vibes, but it’s a true When They Cry story through and through with lots of intrigue and crazy foreshadowing

i picked up Umineko Saku in akihabara today (got a cool when they cry calendar too) so i’m looking forward to reading the extra little story

bird on skateboard

I’m obsessively reading through the Ciconia threads on 4chan and it’s kind of amazing… it’s like we’re basically back in the peak of the Umineko theorycrafting days of 2009, when nobody can spoil you on the answer because nobody actually knows what the fuck’s going on in Ryukishi’s head.

elite dangerous all day every day

i didn't learn nothin

wow classic → luigi’s mansion 3 → dwarf fortress

luigi’s mansion was a lot of fun
kind of burnt out on wow but i hit 60 no ragrets
df i haven’t played in a while and it’s fun seeing new stuff (bigass trees!)

df always owns, i like to come back and check it out every couple of years

i didn't learn nothin
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