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kool ass songs from rhythm games

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i dont play a lot of rhythm games, i dont sit down and play a game more than like twice at an arcade, so i dont have experience with like all the songs on certain games

but here are a couple kool ass songs from rhythm games i played

DJMAX Technika - PUZZLER -

Sound Voltex - 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! あばばばみっくす -

thats it for now

please share your own





One of the technicians preparing the capsule before final liftoff stated that “after placing Laika in the container and before closing the hatch, we kissed her nose and wished her bon voyage, knowing that she would not survive the flight.”

im crying





bird on skateboard

dum thirsty hors

Brings back memories of taking half of the roll of quarters I got every two weeks for laundry and plunking them into the DDR machine in the student union when I was in college. It was a 3rd MIX machine and then they upgraded it to DDR Extreme.

I still remember AA’ing my first Special song (

) and getting the bonus fourth song. Lots of freeze arrows made it easy to cheese.

Trying too hard

ein cooler typ

Barely a rhythm game, but I thought it was cool:

Trying too hard
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