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buy gamercoin today

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buy gamercoin today the new crypto on the scene


oh man it’s gonna be HUGE I bet
it’s the coin for gamers by gamers

high impact

I have been burned before but gamercoin is the answer. this is it, this is the truth

last coin? not so much. this coin is all there is

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high impact

you get 1 gamercoin per 10,000 gamerscore
its a bubble-free currency


all of these achievement spamming games i bought on steam are about to pay off big time

stunt failed

ive heard rumors of a gaymercoin should i split my portfolio y/n

high impact

how long do you think i should wait to necrobump this thread with a “typhy you ruined my life with this gamercoin investment scheme of yours I LOST EVERYTHING” post

high impact

Gamercoin is skyrocketing with no chance of stopping


too soon, then. k

high impact

From: typhy at 2017-12-29 22:34:04
Gamercoin is skyrocketing with no chance of stopping

can’t wait to go to the moon with gamercoin!

i just invested my life savings into gamercoin

here we go

nothing can go wrong we’re on the up and up

high impact

did u know that disco record sales were up 400% in the year 1976
if these trends continue…. ayyyyyyyyyyyy

high impact
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