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Do any games compare to BoTW on switch?

switch zelda

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I love this game so much that I’m worried what will happen when I finally finish it

i thought odyssey was better
still like botw of course

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There are lots of good games on switch
If you haven’t played all night, I had a blast with that one, it felt very open ended, with lots of adventure and discovery like botw. People also really like Mario Odyssey

You can also download A Link to the Past for free. And another Zelda comes out like next week

I’ve been playing Fire Emblem and astral chain too. Then there’s Dragon Quest and a bunch of other jrpgs. Great console imo


It’s not out yet, but the upcoming Xenoblade 1 port might be what I would consider the closest thing you’re gonna get to exploring another world that’s anywhere near as good as BotW’s is. In fact I think the Xenoblade developers did some of the world design stuff in BotW if I’m not mistaken.

I haven’t finished Xenoblade 2 yet but from what I’ve played its world design is pretty meh compared to the first game, it’s still a solid RPG that might scratch some of that “big epic adventure” itch that BotW left you wanting more of.

But yeah BotW’s world is really something special. I dunno how they did it but they took the meme idea of “gigantic open world with 1000 quests/collectables dotted all over the map and nothing stopping you from beating the game at any time” and somehow made the most fun and engaging Zelda overworld ever with that concept. It really says something when the world is that huge and I could memorize my way around it as well as I did OoT’s overworld.

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binding of isaac afterbirth +
cave story +
mario odyssey
mario tennis
super mario maker 2
shantae half genie hero
puyo puyo tetris
monster hunter generations ultimate
ff8 remaster
resident evil 4

i mean i could go on
the switch has a fantastic library

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