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Who’s got Machi Koro Legacy


I play KeyForge more than anything since August 2018. Recently have been playing and loving some Edge of Darkness after waiting for it for three years, the only issue is it takes a few hours so I rarely get to play.

i ordered kingdom death yesterday because i have more money than sense

i’ve been playing Go seriously since about 2018, though i’ve been putting stones on a goban for like 10 years not knowing what the heck was going on

anybody else play?

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Applebaps, I will play Go on KGS with you. I know very little, but have beeen wanting to play for a long time but nobody to play with. I find potential people sometimes but they always fade away.

awesome, who are you on KGS, i’m down

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What times are you usually available? Also, which time zone?

I’m in EST which is -5 UTC.
My availability is all days, except Saturday and Wednesday evenings. Time lately has been early afternoon to middle of night, but could change.

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i’m alaska time, -8 UTC

usually i can play in the evenings after 6pm or so, which would be 9pm your time, except sundays

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My handle on there is: pocketroid

cool! wanna play this coming Thursday? that would work best for me

i’m Applebaps on there

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Sweet, yeah for sure. I’ll be able to do at least one 19x19, no guarantees on my stamina beyond that.

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that’s fine, i’m down

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i posted asking about your strength but then i noticed you said you’re just learning

that’s fine

i’m about 16-19kyu depending on the server, so like, DDK but teens working on SDK

i’m up for a handicap game or we can play even as a teaching game, whatever you like

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im a board game noob but i enjoy playing camel up w/ my old buds over tabletop sim

bird on skateboard

my partner and i have been experimenting with tabletop sim in VR

the visual parts of the UI are utter garbage in that mode but the games themselves are fun and surprisingly immersive

you can see a representation of a headset and motion controllers on other VR players, and it’s surprisingly expressive which i found interesting. it’s only the barest sketch of like, their head tilt and where their hands are, but you can glean a lot about what they’re doing and even joke around with each other using it

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woot woot, go game tonite

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Heck yes

tonight’s Taco Thursday, we usually get home a little after 6. i’ll jump on KGS and message you, you shouldn’t have to wait long if you’re on at 9ish your time

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sorry for the delay, omw home now

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i’m there. sent you a message~

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Gosh Applebaps is patient and nice. also a warrior. Good games, more in future =]

:D great games, i had a blast, thank you v much!

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The Nicest Warrior soundslike a kid’s book lol

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