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tried some PSVR tonight for the first time in a while.

Fate Grand Order VR

feat Mash Kyrielight

i’m familiar with the “fate” series, or type-moon if you’re a weeb, but i do not play the phone game or know who Mash Kyrielight is. Mash is a pink haired anime girl who is your servant (but not in a creepy sex way (unless?)). This game/free demo begins with her getting undressed behind a screen in front of you. I assume it’s meant to be room scale but when I stood up i was out of the play area so i don’t know how close you can get to her.

after she changes into her battle uniform you go to the school gymnasium to watch one of her 3 dance/workout routines. after dancing a bit she summons her “noble phantasm” and shows off some combat techniques. she then uses her super move and “accidentally” kills you. just kidding, you’re alive. mash lets you look at her tiddies for a minute and then the demo ends.

it’s kind of like a hornier version of the persona dancing game but with only one song. there’s no gameplay but you can wave the playstation move controller around and cheer for mash if you want. it’s free but if you are the type of person who plays fate grand order you probably cant afford a PSVR but you probably have a giant bomb premium account. i think they showed the japanese version on the upf program or VRodeo.


6.5 limited blade works

free +4 points
short and sweet +2 point
horny +1 point
very horny -2 point
not a “demo” so you don’t have to buy the full game +1 point
there might be a saber chapter? +0.5 points


i didn't learn nothin



Gameplay Demo

TODO: write review

1010 mouse, excellent mouse

free +4 points
look at the cute little mousey +6 points

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From: Applebaps at 2020-02-06 00:29:57

bird on skateboard

hard agree on moss

i didn't learn nothin

sam porter reedus delivers good reviews

i didn't learn nothin

From: Applebaps at 2020-02-07 17:00:57
sam porter reedus delivers good reviews

Streets of Rogue


A multiplayer rogue-lite in the vein of the top-down Grand Theft Auto games. The game is very fun in co-op, as each player has different goals based on which class they pick. There’s a wide variety of characters with different playstyles, but the basic gameplay involves breaking into buildings, killing people, and stealing stuff. Like Spelunky, once you arrive on a floor, the AI will start moving which can result in utter chaos as different NPC factions start murdering each other. What’s also fun is running to the police if you’re being attacked, as they will aggro anyone who they see fighting.

This is Matt Dabrowski’s first retail game, but you can play his earlier work here:

+4 co-op
-1 if you don’t have friends
-1 cringy writing at times
+2 lots of replay value
+1 under $20 (if it’s on sale)
+1 you can play as a gorilla
+1 clockwork world
+1 one man dev team

8 chicken nuggets out of 10

What writing is cringe

Also imo +1 for being able to play as an inbred cannibal

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