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gungeon stardew valley

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it’s very good

basically it’s a farm simulator on fast forward with action-y twin stick shooter combat. during the day (which lasts like 2 minutes) you explore around fighting and clearing camps of enemies to get seeds and fertilizer then you rush back to the farm at night to defend against waves of bunnies and slugs and stuff trying to eat your crops. the only way to heal is to grow and harvest a “heart beet”. you also grow roses to give to villagers to romance them for upgrades. marry one and they come out and shoot stuff with you. your guns break every day so you need lots of cash

all the while you’re frantically hoeing, planting, watering, fertilizing, while dodging bullet hell stuff and firing back. it’s wild. each season is 3 days, last day of each is a boss. after you do 4 seasons you do a final boss battle. once you successfully complete a year this way you unlock the next “year” which is a higher difficulty. eventually you unlock the ability to have small carryover upgrades between runs, and you can start filling your home with cats

really cool and original soundtrack as well. lots of sorta down home country kinda instruments but the compositions are really avante-garde and off the wall

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i didn't learn nothin

looks kewl
might cop

bird on skateboard
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