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Gotta get that [HIGHSCORE] and stay radical


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Level up, snag those power ups, beat those bosses. Stay frosty

derp kitty

i got the highest ranks on all the games

top gamer

meet me on the leaderboards noob

here we go

Im top ranked


anyone want to compare high scores


a 6 digit high score is perfectly normal and average. dont let anyone tell you otherwise

stunt failed

anybody wanna do actual high score challenges

like we pick a game and try for a week to get the highest score

i like high score games


thatd be kewl

bird on skateboard

someone else should choose a game, i dont want to get accused of choosing a game i’m good at to start it out 😅


hmm idk many hiscore games 🤔

bird on skateboard

a good rule of thumb is basically any arcade game thats not primarily a vs game (fighting, sports, etc) is a high score game

there’s a bunch on archive.org that you can just run in your browser so nobody would even need to download anything to participate


number munchers or snake or some other game about eating things



here we go

yeh that one!


From: roodi at 2017-12-13 05:22:16
number munchers or snake or some other game about eating things



woah is that the OG snake


I just googled snake to see if i could find what the original is, and if you google snake you can play snake on google

apparently the first was an arcade game called Blockade in ‘76


gleam the cube, get all the powerups

high impact
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