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Any zoners play FF XIV?

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Final Fantasy XIV Complete was on sale today so I finally picked up a copy after hearing several friends talk about how much they liked it. Any zoners play? How fucked am I for progression if I can only dedicate four to six hours a week to it?

Trying too hard

14 is the best mmo

you’re in for a bit of a slog your first time around unfortunately. 47-50 is particularly brutal and the stormblood expac is almost entirely hot garbage with annoying music to boot

that said tho, heavensward and shadowbringers are hands down THE best final fantasy game in the entire series. shadowbringers especially. it’s not even a contest

i can offer tips and stuff if you want. i love the game and play it a lot

i didn't learn nothin

as for progression, you’re not really that fucked. just play through the main story and when you get locked out queue for dungeons or do FATEs

i didn't learn nothin

ff14 has the best story of any ff game. a realm reborn is a slow burn, i feel like they didn’t quite know the best way to handle the onboarding process for new players while also catering to people that had played 1.0. but FF14 at its worst is still like, any other FF Game at its best. the conclusions of heavensward and shadowbringers are A+++

stunt failed
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