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what is the latest game youre playing

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From: Lyra at 2017-12-05 00:44:55

this but also fallout new vegas

high impact

and a f2p model that doesn’t just vacuum all your money immediately don’t forget that

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From: Lyra at 2017-12-22 04:26:22

From: roodi at 2017-12-22 02:36:54
close but the credit card

so you can buy your Dr. Boom and friends


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playin hella mount n blade today and yesterday

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nice, ps3 version actually has acceptable drop rates

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I picked up skyrim again cause I just had oral surgery so I wanna be a blob on the couch and not work too hard

if you mostly ignore the quests (unless youre hard up for some direction) and just roam around exploring on your own it’s a nice little fun loop

plus I’ve had the solstheim dlc all this time but never touched it before, turns out it’s p neat. basically they tried to do morrowind again

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update: I am ALL ABOUT Don’t Starve these days

high impact

yeah, i can see that being a thing

on the one hand, like any game once you get its mechanics figured out it’s not so bad and as somebody who’s pretty good at it i enjoy how it never really gets to be completely monotonous or effortless, even in later days you’re always working on SOMEthing. there’s also a ton of content on offer with the reign of giants and shipwrecked expansions, and every character brings their own unique playstyle to the experience plus the worldgen is highly customizable so there’s so much replay value

but i can see how, either if you’re the type of person who gets overwhelmed by to-do lists, or if you haven’t reached the point where the mechanics are second nature to you yet, it could be a stressful experience. the simple mechanics hide a game of really striking complexity, lots of moving parts to consider at any given moment

Don’t Starve Together definitely makes things easier on you by letting you play multiplayer and split up the workload, if you’re at all interested in learning to enjoy what’s on offer

high impact

but like, survival games in general when they’re done right (which is rare, but Don’t Starve definitely nails it imo) deal directly with the experience of living on the edge of mortality and having it in the back of your mind which can be a pretty Real fear and might fuck with your enjoyment for sure. so they’re not for everybody

high impact

that shit was way too scary for me lol

high impact

update: I might take a break from don’t starve for a while
I’m breaking my face against adventure mode and it’s reeeeeeeeally frustrating

high impact

playing hella bloodborne now

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From: Jeff “Zeb” Veasey at 2018-02-05 10:01:51
im playing EDF 4.1 again. excellent game.

hell yeah

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From: Tiko at 2018-02-05 09:24:49
im back to mario galaxy got like 720 moons maybe going for the 100%

odyssey is so good holy cwap

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lancers are cool but hard to use and the weapons they get don’t really keep pace with the kinds of missions you’re up against eventually imo

flying ladies 4 lyfe

high impact

i was thinking more of missions where you have to take down transport ships, or towards the end with the dyson sphere stuff, where you have to shoot way up into the skybox

high impact

maybe i just never got good lancer drops tho lol. that’s also a possibility

high impact

nice yeah i never found that one

hmmmm might have to put some more time in, there

i really enjoyed zipping around in the air and sniping things tho too

edf 4.1 just owns all around

high impact

you should get a switch anyway tho

high impact

ps4 for bloodborne u mean

high impact

bloodborne is EASILY worth having a ps4 for, by itself even

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From: typhy at 2018-02-15 15:21:28

high impact

I picked up The Long Dark on steam sale yesterday and so far it really owns

had my eye on it for quite a while, it’s nice to see an early access game actually finish and be good (apart from the story which they’re releasing in chapters)

it’s also nice to see a survival game that focuses more on survival instead of combat. and the setting is hauntingly gorgeous

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barbeques, tea kettles, and gobs of axle grease
there comes a time when every man must sail the seas of thieves

high impact

been completely lost in subnautica the past couple days
it owns so hard

high impact

update: still playing subnautica

high impact

update: subnautica kinda started to lose me a bit in the endgame, i’m not finding it as compelling once you make the prawn suit and are forced to confront some of your biggest fears up to that point and realize that they’re not actually as dangerous as you thought they were

also the longer i play that one save file, the worse the game’s performance got, to the point that i actually had to jump my settings down one level across the board

so now i’m back on that hollow knight / skyrim kick

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From: Nergal at 2018-04-02 07:29:57
Been obsessively burning all my free time with Monster Hunter World.

i’m waiting for the PC port so my husband and i can play together (we only have 1 ps4)

so for now it’s a mix of like, daggerfall and minecraft

high impact

Now play crimson butterfly

high impact

I’ve been into duskers lately
it’s really awesome. picture a cross between Hacknet and XCOM set in a dead version of the Alien universe

you pilot drones using a text interface and rudimentary blotchy video feeds and schematics, docking with derelict ships looking for scrap and trying to find out why everyone else is dead

and you’re not alone

high impact


high impact

woah, i’m pretty sure i’ve played that

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From: Tiko at 2018-05-05 05:45:40
been playing Endless Space 2 again
very relaxing 4X game
i love how the different factions have such different gameplay. my favorite are the tree people who root up the galaxy and take over systems via ‘pacifism’

love 4x

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From: iforgotnmyname at 2018-05-05 10:27:33

From: applebaps at 2018-05-04 16:54:49
woah, i’m pretty sure i’ve played that

I think it’s on GOG for a few bucks but you can also find it on many abandonware sites, I nabbed it from here (it comes with it’s own DOSbox setup so it’s pretty simple to get running)

yeah i picked it up on GOG. i like that it runs on linux as well! didn’t expect that for a dos-era game

i found it kind of confusing until i read the manual and turned the difficulty up to normal so i could turn off the grand vizier (which wasn’t building anything i wanted it to) and make a custom wizard (which is super awesome)

my favorite 4X game is galactic civilizations 2, which lets you build custom races as well as build custom spaceships from component parts based on what you’ve researched and unlocked. so anything customizable is great

i’m having difficulty with taking over lairs, like, at all. i think i need a much larger military to really pull it off

super fun though and i’m digging the soundtrack

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From: Lyra at 2018-05-05 05:58:01
i just started playing this game called “minion masters”

i’m told that it’s “like clash royale” but it’s for PC instead i guess

for $5 it’s been fun enough i guess

you were kicking ass at it last night, really fun to watch

high impact

Corruption of Champions

high impact

From: imgay at 2018-06-04 11:11:57

From: roodi at 2018-02-05 17:27:30

From: typhy at 2018-02-05 10:18:08
im playing game “CELESTE”, a good game for gamers with excellent music

User imgay will return and boost this post one day


the chosen times, we bear witness

high impact

ive been experimenting with minecraft mods

played thaumcraft for quite a while then got a bit soured on it

now ive been learning botania

high impact

mini reviews:

thaumcraft 5 is a great mod that’s closer to a total conversion than a simple addition. it centers largely around “aspects” which it assigns like elemental properties to nearly every item, block, and mob. it also leans heavily on an “aura” mechanic where chunks have aspected energy that flows around from place to place and powers a lot of your magic and mechanisms.

because it’s so involved, with an in depth research game to unlock more magical theory, 3 new kinds of crafting, not to mention the essentia management, it has a tendency to be an end in and of itself which still necessitates some vanilla actions to get started but later replaces them entirely with mod-specific tasks and objectives

botania, in sharp contrast to this, is a flexible and minimalist tech mod masquerading as a magic mod. it revolves around generating “mana” (power resource) and crafting using naturally spawning flowers and materials converted from wood and stone. it eschews pipes and wires in favor of directly linking machines together with a wand to fire mana “bursts” through the air

even though it has 2 new crafting methods (runic altars and the petal apothecary), and unlike Thaumcraft, all botania-specific actions are conducted in world rather than through guis, which is a nice immersive touch

furthermore, if botania gets to a point where it replaces vanilla actions, i havent hit it yet. it seeks to add a bunch of cool toys to your toy box rather than replacing them. a lot of the fun is had through using botania items to augment automation you could already do with redstone, but really kick it up a notch

it also adds quite a lot of really nice looking decorative blocks

as such, players looking for a more directed experience would probably enjoy thaumcraft, whereas redstone wizards and those looking to build beautiful buildings will probably prefer botania

it’s worth noting that both mods are riddled with typos and grammatical errors. botania also loves anime references. it’s really put of place

Edited by applebaps at 2018-06-05 15:53:092018-06-05 15:53
high impact

if youre going to pick up either mod, i recommend acquiring them directly from their respective sites and setting up forge for them, rather than using a mod pack. packs often contain other random things and the mod versions are usually outdated

in particular, Simply Magic (which tries to be an intro to all major magic mods) is 2 versions behind on Thaumcraft and idk how many on Botania

high impact

vermintide 2 is ok

i personally dont much care for the feel of the weapons, and i encountered enough gamebreaking bugs on release that i felt burned by the purchase and stopped playing

maybe eventually itll be better with patches

also needs more content, and ai manager tweaks to make it feel less samey

but nothing else is really scratching the l4d itch so it’s a good effort

high impact

kf2 nails the gamefeel aspect imo

high impact

From: Tiko at 2018-06-25 06:04:02
lately ive been looking for a chill space game but i got cogmind instead and its very unchill but its fun
the text graphics are beautiful and the UI & controls are really good for a roguelike

oh that’s been on my radar for a while now

high impact

From: imgay at 2018-06-25 06:22:13
infinifactory is the chill space game

this too I want it

high impact

I’ve been ALL ABOUT Endless Legend lately
it’s so good
even tops MoM in a few ways which I didn’t think any 4X really could

Edited by applebaps at 2018-06-25 20:49:402018-06-25 20:49
high impact

From: Tiko at 2018-06-25 06:08:07
of course i enabled text mode immediately, fuck tiles

my man

high impact


high impact

From: applebaps at 2018-06-25 20:48:28

From: Tiko at 2018-06-25 06:04:02
lately ive been looking for a chill space game but i got cogmind instead and its very unchill but its fun
the text graphics are beautiful and the UI & controls are really good for a roguelike

oh that’s been on my radar for a while now

update: i got it and it’s pretty awesome

armored core roguelike, basically. in an older school sense of the word than i’m used to lately
lots of tactical decision-making on the fly and managing limited resources. i’m into it

it’s like somebody saw the cooler bit of IVAN where you can swap out body parts and they all get damaged individually, and went “hey this should be the whole game”

Edited by applebaps at 2018-07-07 23:02:492018-07-07 23:02
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From: iforgotnmyname at 2018-08-10 22:43:32
hooked on Dead Cells the past few days now that it’s officially released

it’s a rougelite metroidvania, more or less, with tight as hell combat and a good variety of weapons/power/skills that also interact well with each other - you can pick from a lot of different playstyles/builds to work with

haven’t beaten the final boss yet, bastard is very unforgiving with his attacks bu so far the game has been a blast

yeah dead cells owns a lot i’ve got that myself

dum thirsty hors
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