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what is the latest game youre playing

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From: typhy at 2017-12-04 23:59:26
i’m playing Zelda on the Nintendo Switch

Playing Mario world the special zone I got to awesome

playing castlevania HD on ps3 with my bud

i would probably shit myself in the VR version but playing with a friend we just laughed at it

finally i can get a nude Sig mod

Tetris Effect (2018) is the greatest game of all time

Hollow knight is the dark souls of metroidvanias and I say this without a trace of irony

hollow knight secret area


did the super meat boy palace, still need to do the last colosseum fight and the DLC boss


picked up MHW again, beat pink rath and bazelguese, fighting nergigante

i hope u have a good surround sound setup lul

fuck TBOI

(until the final expansion comes out)

which ranger do you main

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