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what is the latest game youre playing

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i got marvel vs capcom infinite and its way better than the huge amount of negative word of mouth implies

im playing it with my keyboard and i think thats really the way to play fighting games

im not good at hitting directions cleanly on a joystick but with the keyboard you can get that shit on lock easily

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oh yeah i didnt continue playing the game for very long lolz!


Twinkle Star Sprites


back to playing street fighter v again since i bought the season 2 characters on the cheap from the steam sale

and boy i like almost all of the season 2 characters, in contrast to the season 1 characters to the point that i enjoy all but 1 of the s2 characters and enjoy 1 or MAYBE 2 s1 characters

its fun


i swear when i was a little kid my friend had a game called kingdoms and castles that was basically the same thing except 90s computer game but I cant find anything about it

maybe it was just a really similar name


i believe it might have been this game:



keyboard is surprisingly nice isnt it


From: Jeff “Zeb” Veasey at 2018-02-05 10:01:51
im playing EDF 4.1 again. excellent game.

this game is excellent

what class do you play, i go with the big armored dude with the robot suit


the only missions i really had trouble with as the lancer were the couple where you just have to kill 100 dragons or whatever

the single shot artillery cannon guns of their are just so incredibly powerful that any of the bigger monsters are kind of a joke


just looked up steam screenshots so i could remember what its called, the gallic heavy cannon was my thing with the lancer. its fire rate is like .5/sec but it does so much damage that if you can aim it you can take down transport ships super easy

that and the ability to cancel your dashes into melee attacks into dashes again lets you move around really fast so it just kinda owned all around


is skeleton-t in it


now i feel relief that i didnt cave and buy a switch or ps4 just for that

now just start putting gundam games on pc and i’ll be good


ah no it’d be a ps4 for the gundams


oh yeah that too

and i feel like there was one other game but its not enough to make me want one


ok so one is obviously neo turf masters, whats the other one?




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tugs at collar and looks around wh-whats that one about?


i got warhammer vermintide 2 and its cool i can be a crazy cat lady wizard except instead of obsessed with cats shes obsessed with fire

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ah see I bought it expecting something more like killing floor, so it’s been pretty alright for me

so far, at least


kf2 is great, one of my favs


i got nioh and im a samurai dark souls

i chose the spear and tonfas as my starting weapons and i gotta say i like the tonfas way better than the spear

only beat the first real level and the bonus level attached to it so far though


im still playing vermintide 2

friendship ended with sienna, now kruber is my best friend


a friend of mine bought me tekken 7 so when i get some free time im going to try and learn that

theres like no resources online now that arent youtube videos or forum posts for fighting games anymore

what happened to wikis

those were the days


does it still look like early 2000s newgrounds anime


From: Tiko at 2019-03-20 19:25:30
baba is the main character and you 3 blocks that are baba, is, you next to each other which means you control baba.

you alway bab babacum


i 100%ed the original version (until they released a third expansion or something?) and ive never played it again

theres just so many times where you didn’t get any damage powerups and everything just takes forever to kill its not about dodging anymore its about not being bored


lately ive been playing Saban’s Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

and by playing I mean just figuring out combos in training mode

one of these days i’ll go online

I beat arcade mode without losing a character, so I won’t get clowned on super hard I hope

edit: i didnt say what it is, its a 3v3 vs-style fighter with simplified inputs

not quite as crazy as a mvc, no flying characters yet and only one person can airdash but you still got ridiculous offense and combos

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my team is “Doggie” Cruger, Udonna and Dai Shi


new character for power ranger battle for the grid but they goofed up and you cant prepurchase the whole season yet!!! 😠

looks very fun though

i love a projectile that just sits there for a second


Finally got the season pack so I got the new purple ranger

He’s really cool, he’s got a short swing blow type thing that you can stop after the backstep part and either charge up for a bionic arm or cancel out of which seems like it’ll be really sweet, and you can cancel into it on hit or block so you can sort of always abort your pressure pretty safely.

I also spent some time in the lab and squeezed significantly more damage and some extra meter out of a BnB for Doggie, with the plus side of having it end with his super impractical rekka move that looks really cool, and made my Udonna BnB slightly meter positive and got a little bit more damage on it.

Not sure if RJ is gonna be my third though, even after trying out like four different anchors I can’t decide. I need to lab a BnB I like for him.

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